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FastFerment Testimonials

FastFerment makes all my brews better including kegging and bottling which I do both. The best part I found is dry hopping my IPAs with whole leaf hops (that I grow) because the opening is very accommodating. I did not have trouble with the covers sealing because I removed the flashing from the threads before use. All in all it's a great product. I recommend it to everyone. Lucky for me my local homebrew shop carries supplies for FastFerment now.

David Woods - via email

I am a homebrewer with the Lawrence Brewers Guild, Lawrence Kansas. I saw
the Fast ferment advertised a few years ago and was intrigued by the concept.
One of our LBG members turned me onto the pre sale promotion. Afterlooking
it up I was able to purchase four. What a neat product. It eliminated
racking and transferring steps and potential avenues for contamination. I
mounted the units in my basement on the wall which freed up table top space.
Having them elevated provided easy keg filling and yeast collection. A down
side is the thermometer port is not the standard 1/2" NPT so I needed to get
their thermometer.

Chuck Ferguson - via email

We do not cover a lot of homebrewing subjects here, but when a killer looking product and deal like the FastFerment comes across the computer screen, it's too good not to share.

New School Beer - via New School Beer Blog

I haven't been this excited about a product in forever! Ordered 2 but thinking we need at least 5. (FR purchase confirmed)

Angie C. (Lansing, Michigan)

Just bought this extremely awesome new fermenter from an awesome company called FastRack. (FR purchase confirmed)

Tim T. (Carlsbad, California) - via Twitter

I got two, can't wait to use them. (FR purchase confirmed)

Scott P. (Macomb, Michigan) - via Facebook

This looks really great to me. I've already ordered one. Looks ideal to me, and at $90, it's hard to go wrong.

Ronobvious2 (Tennessee) - via Beer Advocate

We're getting this, the forthcoming batches of homebrewing should be awesome.

Michael M. (Portland, Oregon) - via Twitter

Just paid for one and can't wait to get it. Looks like an awesome product. (FR purchase confirmed)

Jamie G. (Fort Belvoir, Virginia) - via Facebook

"Cleaning was easy. Although this wasn't dirty when it arrived I still did PBW & Star San, cleaning and rinsing were a breeze and already make this worth it. The wide opening at the top makes it real easy to reach inside and clean".

Brendon - Homebrewer

"The FastRack team is at it again, their new one FastFerment is looking like an interesting addition to the conical fermenter category!"

Scott Moskowitz - The Brewing Network

This will be batch number 4 that I've put into the fermentor. I've been fermenting a new batch in the fast fermentor every two weeks since it arrived. Now that I've got the process worked out I love this thing. It's definitely made things faster and easier. I especially like the ability to drop out the trub before pitching yeast and the ease of repitching into the next batch. What would be really sweet is a cap that you could screw onto the top of the ball to completely seal it. The stopper that was included works pretty well, but I had it slip out on me at least once. The first three batches I ran through were all from the same yeast culture (WLP001). I've got 7.5+ gallons of Kolsch in primary right now."

Tristan Laszewski - Homebrewer