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FastRack - The Best Drying & Stacking System for Bottles

FastRacks are compact, stackable and eliminate contact with the inside of the bottle. FastRacks are versatile and fit various bottle sizes to ensure all bottles can be stored efficiently.


Getting Started

Clean bottles and place upside-down in the FastRack.

Drain & Dry

Allow the bottles to drain.

Rack & Stack

Several full FastRacks can be stacked on top of each other. The more you stack, the more secure it gets!

Collect & Store

Keep your empties organized, stored safely and out of your way ready for the next batch of brew or wine.

Product Description

FastRacks are the best system to drain, stack & store bottles of various sizes. Made from Food Grade HDPE, these racks and trays are dishwasher safe. FastRack24 racks hold 24 12-oz bottles & FastRack12 racks hold bomber & wine bottles of various sizes. These racks and trays take up minimal space and can be stacked up to 10-high for compact storage. The inside of bottles do not make cotact with the racks ensuring sanitary drying conditions. Once you pick up a FastRack, you'll never go back to Bottle Trees.

What Others are Saying

Reviews from Around the World

"I am putting in my order today!"

Brian - Strange Brewing, Massachusetts

"Awesome idea. I could see this replacing the bottle tree when sanitizing bottles for homebrew."

Frank Gabo

"Simply load up 24 bottles upside down, allowing them to drain, and even stack multiple FastRacks."

Design You Trust

"Love it! I would like to use a few of these instead of a big beer tree."


"We especially like its cleaning and storage aspect for home brewers."


"I Like your design. It looks like a much better alternative to the bottle tree.


"We have been using FastRacks for 6 years in our recycling plant to
handle all the beer bottles we recycle. We are open almost 60 hours
per week and put the FastRacks through their paces over the +18 000
hours of use. I highly recommend the product!

Peter Burgess - Owner Canadian Recycling

If you are a Retailer, Wholesaler or want to sell FastRacks contact us at 800-549-5763 or [email protected]